FNA Helps Organizations Save Time and Money
FNA Accelerates the Development of Graph Analytics Based Solutions
FNA Changes the Way We See Data

Apps powered by FNA Platform

  • Scenario Generation
  • Correlations
  • Network Analytics
  • Payment Analytics
  • Fraud & AML

FNA Scenario Generation

Rapid and Visual Scenario Generation with Graph Analytics

FNA Scenario Generation empowers financial professionals to rapidly de ne, generate, run and visualize stress scenarios. Interactive dashboards allow rapid creation of new scenarios, saving time and resources in stress testing exercises. They allow users to visually collaborate with stakeholders and streamline communication FNA Scenario Generation implements cutting edge research by FNA in collaboration with top universities. The intuitive dashboards make advanced analytics accessible to the nancial expert and novice alike.

FNA Correlations

A Systemic View of Financial Markets

FNA Correlations empowers financial professionals to build visual intuition of interconnected market dynamics, improving portfolio management and stakeholder communication. It combines advanced network theory and interactive visualizations to detect hidden patterns in complex data.

FNA Network Analytics

Visual Insights From Complex Data

FNA NetworkMaps helps financial institutions explore any complex financial data for managing risks, identifying new opportunities and making better, data driven decisions.

FNA Payment Analytics

Predictive Analytics For Financial Infrastructures

FNA Payment Analytics helps financial market infrastructures and central banks model liquidity and operational risks, evaluate alternative system designs and carry out stress tests.

FNA Fraud & AML

FNA augments existing Fraud/AML systems with graph analytics, saving time and money

FNA Platform is a real-time graph engine for sophisticated and automated Fraud/AML detection with graph analytics. FNA Dashboard can be easily configured exactly for client's needs in the manual investigation process.


FNA's flexible network graphics and unique integration of hierarchical supply chain data provide a way of analysing insurance portfolios, to identify both vulnerabilities and opportunities, in a clear and accessible way. 
Robin Wilkinson
Founder and Director, Arium