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FNA Fraud & AML

FNA augments existing Fraud/AML systems with graph analytics, saving time and money

FNA Platform is a real-time graph engine for sophisticated and automated Fraud/AML detection with graph analytics. FNA Dashboard can be easily configured exactly for client's needs in the manual investigation process. 

Key Features

  • Advanced Graph Analytics with more than 200 algorithms to use as features in fraud models.
  • Wide range of graph algorithms to identify patterns for AML.
  • Real-time calculation of new graph properties and queries on mutable graphs.
  • Scalable operations on graphs with hundreds of millions of nodes and billions of links either installed on-premise or on the cloud.
  • Easy Integration with APIs that work together with enterprise IT infrastructure, graph databases and external Fraud/AML software.

For Who?

  • Banks
  • FMI's
  • Payment Providers

Use Case

Fraud & AML

Automated Detection

Payments form networks which can be automatically analyzed by network science algorithms. Existing research on large datasets proved that particular graph properties are good predictors of fraudulent transactions. AML detection is based on detecting suspicious patterns. There is rarely a dataset for true positives that would allow the development of statistical models. However, many of these known patterns can be automatically detected with graph algorithms. 
Graphs improve fraud detection by eliminating false positives and identifying true positives more accurately - saving time and money.

Fraud & AML

Manual Investigation

Insightful visual dashboards help manual investigation of prioritized fraudulent cases. The dashboards allow to overlay relevant different data sets, to filter out noise (irrelevant clusters, low risk accounts, etc.) and to recognize fraudulent cases faster.
Less noise, more valid signals. Hence more efficient manual investigation process, saving time and money.



FNA's flexible network graphics and unique integration of hierarchical supply chain data provide a way of analysing insurance portfolios, to identify both vulnerabilities and opportunities, in a clear and accessible way. 
Robin Wilkinson
Founder and Director, Arium

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FNA Fraud & AML