FNA Platform

First Graph Analytics Platform for Finance

FNA Platform features a real-time graph analytics engine and an advanced client side dashboard that can be configured for a wide array of use cases within financial services.

Over a decade in making and with a wider selection of graph algorithms than any other software, the FNA Platform offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for building applications based on advanced analysis and visualization of financial graphs.

The Platform is available as a cloud-based service at or as an on-premise enterprise solution, both with well documented APIs. FNA Platform can tap into your internal databases or online data sources and automate data analytics for real-time data driven decision making.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit from graph analytics with FNA’s library of graph algorithms.
  • Configure advanced and interactive dashboards in minutes.
  • Automate analytics or use APIs to run FNA Platform from external applications.
  • Integrate with external databases (eg Cloudera CDH, MS SQL, MySQL or Teradata)
  • Use online data repositories (e.g Quandl) or risk software via built in APIs.
  • Set up alerts on abnormal behavior for continuous monitoring.

Apps powered by FNA > Lab

Scenario Generation

Rapid and Visual Scenario Generation with Graph Analytics


A Systemic View of Financial Markets

Network Analytics

Visual Insights From Complex Data

Payment Analytics

Predictive Analytics For Financial Infrastructures

Fraud & AML

FNA augments existing Fraud/AML systems with graph analytics, saving time and money


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FNA Correlations is integral part of our daily risk management process. It draws our attention to emerging risk, and has helped us minimize exposure to troubled assets early.
James Dougall
Managing Director, Secure Wealth Management Ltd
FNA's flexible network graphics and unique integration of hierarchical supply chain data provide a way of analysing insurance portfolios, to identify both vulnerabilities and opportunities, in a clear and accessible way. 
Robin Wilkinson
Founder and Director, Arium

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FNA Platform

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