The FNA Team

Making the Financial System Safer and More Efficient

At FNA, you’ll find people with a passion for solving important issues around financial risk and for exploring the complex financial networks that play a continually larger role in the world around us.

Team Members

Kimmo Soramaki

Founder and CEO

Kimmo Soramäki is the Founder and CEO of Financial Network Analytics (FNA) and the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Network Theory in Finance.

Andreas Jensen

Business Development

Andreas is Head of Business Development and an enterprise sales and business development executive with over ten years of industry experience.

Clay Cowdery

Strategist / Catalyst

Clay is responsible for helping FNA prospects and clients define and realize the business outcomes that can be enabled with the FNA Platform

Jeremy Cormican

People & Culture

Jeremy is responsible for the HR, Operations and Culture at FNA. He ensures that FNA has the best recruiting strategy, performance, compensation and retention plans, training and development and company culture.

Samantha Cook

Chief Scientist

Samantha Cook is the Chief Scientist at FNA. She works on the design, testing, and implementation of models and algorithms.

Janne Aukia

UX Lead

Janne Aukia is an expert in designing and building user interfaces for web based applications.

Miklos Kalozi

Research Software Engingeer

Miklos is a full stack developer responsible for developing FNA's graph algorithms.

Oleksandr Opanasenko

Full Stack Developer

Oleksandr (Skiv) Opanasenko is responsible for FNA architecture, back-end development and the coordination of front-end development.