About Us

Making the Financial System Safer and More Efficient

FNA is a fast-growing, deep technology company rooted in finance. Our flagship product, the FNA Platform allows financial institutions to map and monitor complex financial networks and to simulate operational and financial risks. Over a decade of pioneering research into financial graph analytics makes the company a leader in its field. FNA’s clients include the world’s largest central banks, financial market infrastructures and financial institutions.

FNA's mission is to make the financial system safer and more efficient and to play a pivotal role in the growing AI/ML ecosystem, where FNA's engine powers use cases across a growing number of business domains.




Our History


Year 2017 was a great year for FNA and saw the release of a completely renewed and optimized FNA Platform and a number of marquee clients representing central banks, regulators and financial market infrastructures.


Year 2016 focused on building business around selected use cases and building a team based in London. FNA carries out an Angel round bringing in six more investors and releases FNA Dashboard, an easily configurable user interface for building new graph analytics based applications.


FNA releases FNA Platform. The Platform offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for operationalizing the monitoring of various financial networks ranging from counterparty exposures to interconnected financial markets. The year is marked by penetrating new market segments and rapid revenue growth.