Use Cases

FNA Use Cases

The FNA Platform has several use cases across a number of business domains in finance. The FNA Platforms provides solutions for

  • Central Banks and regulators to make sense of masses of supervisory to providing
  • Financial Market Infrastructures to design, monitor and stress test their systems
  • Asset Managers a systemic view to risks
  • Banks to identify and reduce the cost of financial crime

Each Use Case is developed with FNA's easy scripting engine which allows business analysts to tie in new data sets and gain new insights in minutes.


Apps powered by FNA Platform

  • Liquidity Analytics
  • Systemic Risk Analytics
  • Financial Market Analytics
  • Financial Crime Analytics

FNA Liquidity Analytics

FNA Liquidity Analytics helps financial market infrastructures and central banks model liquidity and operational risks, evaluate alternative system designs and carry out stress tests.
  • Design new infrastructures & schemes by simulations
  • Monitor liquidity and risk concentrations in real-time
  • Quickly carry out stress simulations

FNA Systemic Risk Analytics

FNA Systemic Risk Analytics helps financial institutions explore any complex financial data for identifying and managing systemic risks and making better, data driven decisions.
  • Understand complex networks
  • Filter signal from noise
  • Build intuition and make data driven decisions

FNA Financial Market Analytics

FNA Financial Market Analytics empowers financial professionals to build visual intuition of interconnected market dynamics, improving portfolio management and stakeholder communication.
  • Sense and respond to emerging market themes
  • Simplify communication with all stakeholders
  • Identify hidden interdependencies in your portfolio

FNA Financial Crime Analytics

FNA Platform allows users to see create visual investigation tools to see how companies, banks and people are connected via various links.
  • Follow the money and other links between companies and people
  • Automatically detect suspicious patterns
  • Automate the creation of visual investigation tools for case officers
  • Calculate graph features of data in real-time