FNA Introduces Universal Financial Market Infrastructure Simulation and Stress Testing Solution


Today, Financial Network Analytics (FNA) announces new, innovative capabilities for the FNA Platform, the first graph analytics platform for financial regulators and institutions. Adding to the more than 250 graph, simulation, and machine learning algorithms, the FNA SaaS solution now enables central banks, regulators, and clearing houses to simulate any Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) including:


  • Central Counterparty Clearing

  • Real-Time Gross Settlement & Netting

  • Cryptocurrencies and digital assets

  • Derivatives Settlement

  • Securities Settlement and Delivery versus Payment (DvP)

  • Foreign Exchange and Payment versus Payment (PvP)


Regulators and FMIs need to quickly access insights from their rapidly growing information flow. Data is abundant, but insight is scarce. Building one-off models requires expensive quantitative analysts and teams of programmers. The FNA Platform empowers business analysts to carry out and automate the advanced data science tasks necessary for “what-if” simulations, providing specialists and researchers more time to analyze the implications, rather than invest time on developing models.


Mr. Neville Arjani from Payments Canada says, "The FNA Platform is unique in the marketplace allowing us to design, stress test and monitor our new Lynx interbank payment system". The FNA Platform enables users to:


  • Design efficient settlement systems that optimize liquidity

  • Monitor and predict behavior of interconnected participants

  • Simulate and document effective risk remediation strategies.


FNA is providing free, 30 day access to the platform at www.fnalab.com. Users can follow guided tours of FNA Dashboards and investigate several business scenarios based on historical and real-time data.