Financial Market Analytics

FNA Financial Market Analytics

FNA Financial Market Analytics empowers financial professionals to build visual intuition of interconnected market dynamics, improving portfolio management and stakeholder communication. It combines advanced network theory and interactive visualizations to detect hidden patterns in complex data.

FNA Correlations implements cutting edge research in Financial Cartography by FNA in collaboration with top universities. Intuitive dashboards make these analytics accessible to the financial expert and novice alike.

Key Features

  • Monitor markets with FNA’s unique correlation maps, Value-at-Risk (VaR) analytics and outlier detection
  • Uncover supply, customer and other links, and identify drivers for returns
  • Identify emerging risks and hidden concentrations with statistical and visual detection of anomalies
  • Simplify communication with investors, portfolio and risk managers, regulators and senior management
  • Build visual intuition with fast interactive data exploration and algorithms that filter signal from noise
  • Rapidly generate stress scenarios and construct correlation structures that you can integrate with your portfolio management and risk systems

For Who?

  • Asset Managers
  • Banks
  • Regulators
  • Hedge Funds

Use Case

Gold Crash

Gold crash of April 2013

The video shows the cascading failure across many markets started by outlier movements in Gold.

Energy Meltdown

What precipitated the global energy collapse?

We focus on the tipping point in energy markets in 2014, which cascaded into a Subprime Energy Bubble bust with major systemic risk implications going forward.


FNA Platform is integral part of our daily risk management process. It draws our attention to emerging risk, and has helped us minimize exposure to troubled assets early.
James Dougall
Managing Director, Secure Wealth Management Ltd

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